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I have never wanted to write a book because this generation barely has time to read a short article or watch a short video and I have never merchandised the Body of Christ, Freely I have received and freely I have given. So I was quite surprised when the Lord woke me up and gave me my orders and told me what to say. I was able to work out with Him that I would make a website first and then let it become a book, one page at a time.

The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has been usurped in this society and this generation by something that calls itself Church but is really a man-made Religious system. The Lord Jesus Christ is building His Church but she doesn’t act or look like anything we see out there today.

God has called a few men to begin to sound the trumpet calling His people back to the original foundation, which is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The greatest burden I carry is that His Body would return to the proper motivation for being the Church. The god of this age, the almighty dollar must be replaced by a love ignited passion that has no other agenda attached to it.

At present the religious system (the modern church) has borrowed its values from the business world where profit is King. Values such as size of budget, numbers of people, title of leader, and cost of buildings have replaced the values of the New Testament. Humility, transparency, sincerity, brokenness, sacrificial giving, and selfless love must again come to the forefront of who we are and what others see in us.

Love Fuel Church is a signpost for those that can see and hear directing them to New Creation life in the 21st century. The present religious system (the modern church) cannot be repaired, updated, adjusted, fixed, upgraded or aligned to the will of God. Nothing that man has invented will ever be able to align itself with the Chief Cornerstone. Many of our brothers who understand something is wrong and there is a problem, are trying to fix her from within but it’s nothing more than shining the brass on the Titanic.

We don’t need purer doctrine, better sermons or men who have been given sensitivity training on the evils of this age. We don’t need to compete with this world with better, hipper advertising. Real Christianity has no competition. We need people who have been born from above and thus are moved by the love of God to live real Christianity before a fallen world. We Christians talk too much and walk out as living examples very little.

We thank the Lord for His long-suffering grace towards us. We too were blind but every day we see better. May the Lord bless you with fresh revelation for this hour.

Much Love,

Jose L. Bosque

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