Love Fueled Evangelism

Love Fueled Evangelism

The religious system’s slow and gradual erosion of the foundations of authentic Christianity warrants a close view of what we now believe about evangelism in the Lord’s church. Traditions appear to be made of steel, but they must crumble before our Lord who is the Truth. What are some of these traditions? We’ve gone door … Continue reading Love Fueled Evangelism

Love Fueled Sharing

Love fueled Sharing

Love-fueled sharing is the principle that allows us to be equitable with others in the 21st century. This isn’t another take from the rich and give to the poor scheme. Love fueled sharing isn’t birthed from the demands of the needy but in the passion of lovers to give. True Love for others is the … Continue reading Love Fueled Sharing

Love-Fueled Community

love fueled Community

Love -Fueled Community is not a theory or some profound biblical teaching. A theory although true is still theory and something that the speaker has never personally experienced. What value would that have in the present discussion? Thousands of sermons have been preached and hundreds of discussions are debated daily on Facebook on this subject. … Continue reading Love-Fueled Community

Love-Fueled Gatherings

Love Fueled Gatherings

The Love-fueled gatherings title gives you the idea that I am going to give you a “How to” teaching for church meetings. Nothing could be further from the truth. If there is anything that I am learning in this re-becoming, childlike stage in my life is that the Lord's love for me and His love … Continue reading Love-Fueled Gatherings

Love-Fueled Motivation

Love fueled Motivation

Love-fueled motivation is the reason for this website and the soon coming book. If there is anything the Church of today (Religious System) is missing is the very motivation which the Father had when He sent His Son into this world. The incarnation is the start of everything concerning the Church the Lord Jesus is … Continue reading Love-Fueled Motivation

Building His Church with Love

Building His Church with Love

We all believe that the Lord Jesus is building His Church, but we are not all aware that the He is building His Church with Love. I have heard of many titles for Church Growth conferences, but I have never heard of one about love and relationships. The 21st century church wants slick recipe-like strategies … Continue reading Building His Church with Love